About Us

Logic was created back in April 2009 in Calgary, Alberta when Canada and global markets were in a down turn. Some thought recession, and doom and gloom.

We thought opportunity in starting something special, knowing fully how hard it would be to start a business in a declining market.

However, always remembering the difficulties and being prepared for potential market decline, or a “rainy day” believing this to be our competitive advantage in our diverse services.

Things only got better, and we never forgot the tough sledding that kept us in check investing over 60% of all profits back into Logic then, and still today. We feel that this re-investment promotes controlled growth.

Today, over 5 years later, growing our Oilfield Services from Inspection and Repair Services to Tool Management, Inventory Control, Tool Rentals, Engineered Welding Services, Truck Transporting Services, and Preventative Measured Services including but not limited to Scientific Research and Education Development.

These new endeavours have made us a force to be reckoned with, equally focusing in a very pro-active way to offer many resources for our present and potential customers.

This helps reach our mandate of.

“Your Success is our Success!”