Who we are

Logic NDT Solutions at a Glance

Logic NDT Solutions offers smart oilfield solutions to the energy world. We provide a wide range of cutting-edge products, digital solutions and services to increase customers’ efficiency and safety.

Our Motivation

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Passion


Our Vision

Logic NDT Solutions has a clear and concise purpose. To enhance the productivity of our clients in the oil Industry.


Priorities and Principles

Logic NDT Solutions is committed to providing excellent oilfield solutions to our business partners across the globe.

Our principles are based on four key priorities:

  • Represents our customer’s best interest in all our operations.
  • Delivering outstanding communications, meticulous planning,and perfect execution to meet and exceed the standards of the Industry and our customers’ expectations.
  • Create a sustainable environment for long-lasting business partnerships and successful transactions with our esteemed customers.
  • Provide a supportive environment for our valued employees to pursue their passion.


Our Strategy for Sustainable Growth

We believe in using our operational expertise in the oil industry to deliver top-notch services to our business partners.

We combine our multinational expertise and our wealth of experience to deliver quality products and services that impacts positively on the environment and creates wealth for all parties.

Logic NDT Solutions understands the importance of controlled growth in the volatile oil business. We hedge our investments and prepare for rainy days by re-investing 60% of all profits back into the market.

Logic NDT Solutions continues to strengthen our robust relationships with new and existing business markets, deploying the Ultimate Logic NDT Solutions plan as our Blueprint for growth.


Our Brand Promises

Logic NDT Solutions pledges to uphold the concrete standards that are the bedrock of our Organization. We promise to keep up with our innovative working procedures and always provide pro-active solutions for all our clients’ needs in the oil industry.

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